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Whether it’s a youngster rounding the ring for the first time or a seasoned veteran, Amaferm® is a must for the show animal’s diets. With this “secret ingredient” in your feeding program, you’ll be able to balance enhanced growth rate with feed efficiency to help your show animal reach its full genetic potential. Amaferm is found in the VitaFerm®, Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® products.


VitaFerm: a full line of free choice minerals and fortified protein supplements specifically designed to increase health and performance in cattle, sheep, goats, and the companion animals dogs and equine.


Sure Champ: a pelleted supplement that should be fed daily. Benefits include increased feed utilization, healthier digestive system and stimulated appetite, especially during stress situations like heat, travel to and from shows and sickness.


Vita Charge: a treatment product, that contains two times the amount of Amaferm that is in Sure Champ. This product is ideal for quickly stimulating appetite to prevent animals from going off feed or to get them back onto their feeding regimen quickly.


No matter which individual product(s) you feed, the benefits will help your show string excel in the showring.



Ask a Nutritionist

We have being soliciting questions for our Ask A Nutritionist blog series. Below are a few of the questions that have been asked:



Other Common Nutritional Problems



Acidosis occurs when there’s a rapid digestion of starch (grain). This is especially true when show animals are pushed hard for increased gains. They may border sub-clinical acidosis, which will knock them off feed, cause loose stools, and even make their feet sore. Amaferm helps maintain a stable rumen pH to help prevent these negatives.


Antibiotic Therapy

Even with the best health programs, show animals can still get sick and may need antibiotics. When we administer antibiotics to kill off pathogens (bad bugs), they can have a negative effect on beneficial rumen microflora (good bugs). So if we kill, or even slow the growth of the good bugs, it can decrease digestion and the availability of nutrients the animal needs to get well. Proven to be effective in the presence of antibiotics,


Amaferm reduces the time it takes to re-populate the rumen with good bugs, which helps stimulate the appetite.



Bloat is often associated with acidosis. Amaferm helps stimulate and maintain normal rumen function, helping to reduce the incidences of bloat.


Daily Gain

Having an animal finished by the day of the show is something that starts months before. After all, it’s much easier to hold an animal at a proper weight than to force weight on rapidly as the show draws near. Amaferm increases feed utilization to help boost daily gains. With Amaferm, you can be sure that your animal will be ready on show day.


Different Water

Most of the time when we go to a show, the available water has a different taste from what we have at home. It tastes different because it is different. Some people use tricks such as adding Jello® or soda to camouflage the taste. Amaferm can’t help the way the water tastes, but by stimulating the digestive system and appetite, it will keep show animals eating. And if they keep eating they will drink, and you’ll get the fill you want before heading into the showring. Click here to watch a video about using Amaferm to get cattle drinking at the show.


Showring Look

Many show animals spend a lot of time in front of a fan to get that thick, shiny hair coat that draws the attention of the judge. If you have pigs you may work hard to improve skin quality. Truly beautiful hair coats and skin quality start on the inside with good nutrition. Amaferm increases the availability of nutrients including protein, vitamins and minerals necessary for giving your animal that showring appeal.



Hauling animals to and from shows is hard on them. Standing in trailers for long periods of time can compromise appetites. Factor in exhaust fumes and heat, and it’s no wonder they won’t eat or drink at a show. Amaferm keeps the digestive system functioning and helps prevent digestive up and downs — keeping you competitive in the ring.


Hoof Health

Healthy feet are important for all show animals. If we want our champions to go back into the herd, we avoid things that could cause the feet problems. Likewise, we don’t want our show animals to go lame. Often, lameness is related to sub-clinical acidosis because when rumen pH drops it can precipitate hoof wall problems. Amaferm can help prevent these feet issues by helping to maintain a staple pH.


Loose Stool

It happens. You’re at the show and your animal is “loose.” Loose stools can be caused by excitement, but often the problem is associated with an intestinal tract that’s not working properly due to all the stress factors associated with showing — hauling, new water, different environment, etc. Amaferm directly stimulates the normal microflora (good bugs) to start and keep the gut functioning properly, resulting in firmer stool. Amaferm is also beneficial when dealing with a case of diarrhea.


Staying on Feed

Getting a good fill on your show animal before it goes in to the ring is another important thing in catching the judge’s eye. During show season, several factors converge that can reduce the appetite — different water, strange surroundings, commingling and travel. Amaferm gets the digestive system functioning quickly to stimulate appetite and water intake.


BioZyme Inc. nutritionists can answer questions about your rations, supplements and incorporating VitaFerm, Sure Champ or Vita Charge into your feeding regimen. Visit our contact us page to submit your question or call into our main office.



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